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Cavity Treatment 11377

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Cavity Treatment 11377
Cavity Treatment 11377

Are you in need of a top-notch family dentist in the Woodside and greater Queens area? Dr. Michael J. Weiss, at Michael J Weiss & Associates, is an expert, highly-trained dentist who provides the highest-level of treatment for general, restorative and cosmetic dental care needs. We welcome the entire family into our practice, and work to maintain and restore the beautiful smiles’ of each of our patients. Almost everyone, at some time or another needs cavity treatment 11377. If you have a tooth that is painful when you eat sweet foods, chances are that you may indeed have a cavity.

When a tooth has a cavity, the damaged portion needs to be drilled out. Then the tooth is filled with one of several types of dental cavity filling materials. If the cavity is not taken care of, it will only become larger and more painful. So it is always best to treat cavities promptly before they become larger and are more difficult to treat. Over recent years, new filling materials have become popular. When you need cavity treatment 11377, Dr. Weiss will discuss with you the different types of filling materials available, and advise you as to what will work best in your particular situation.

Most people are familiar with the more common silver, or amalgam, fillings. These fillings are sometimes the best option for a patient. Amalgam fillings are incredibly durable, lasting many years in the patient’s tooth. These fillings can withstand the strongest of chewing forces, and are the most affordable for the patient. Amalgam fillings are usually recommended for back teeth, including molars, which need to be able and withstand a lot of force for chewing. Fillings in the back teeth are not easily viewed, and will not aesthetically interfere with a patient’s smile. Cavity treatment 11377 by Dr. Weiss also includes ceramic and plastic compounds. Their benefit is that they cannot be seen in a patient’s tooth, and therefore are perfect when the cavity is in a part of a tooth that always shows when a patient smiles. Composite fillings color-match the patient’s teeth perfectly, and the filling is not able to be detected, even when someone is looking directly at it. However, these fillings are not as strong as amalgam fillings, so they are generally not recommended for back areas that have great chewing force applied. If you or a family member has a cavity that needs attention, make an appointment today to see Dr. Weiss. He will expertly and painlessly restore your tooth to health.

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