Cosmetic Dentist Sunnyside

Cosmetic Dentist Sunnyside

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Cosmetic Smile Makeover in Sunnyside

What does it take to get a better smile? It depends, of course, on how many teeth you have that are flawed, and the nature of the flaws. But here at the dental practice of Michael J. Weiss & Associates, you can benefit from our cosmetic smile makeovers.

What we’re talking about is not a treatment in and of itself, but rather a comprehensive strategic plan that cobbles together several different treatments to serve the purpose of upgrading the look of your teeth. That starts with having a full set of teeth, which doubtlessly comes as no surprise. Empty space where one or more teeth once resided acts as a beacon, and it’s all that many people can see when you smile, laugh, or speak. So that’s a priority in our cosmetic smile makeovers. Dental implants are perfect for full-tooth restorations. They look and feel like real teeth, and they even function like them. All of that is possible because implants have not just a tooth you can see above the gum line, but a root that you can’t beneath it. So now you have a full set of teeth, but are they all as white as you would prefer? Let our cosmetic dentist Sunnyside help with whitening treatment. So what remains is to address any teeth you have that are made imperfect by being crooked or misshapen, having chips or minor cracks in them, or gaps that are wide between them. Those are examples, but any reason you have for wanting to cover those teeth up give our cosmetic dentist Sunnyside the opportunity to use either bonding or porcelain veneers (and possibly a combination of the two).

Don’t wait any longer. Contact our office and let us set up an appointment. You can come in and discuss your goals with our cosmetic dentist Sunnyside in advance of a smile makeover.

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