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Have you been noticing something other than toothpaste and saliva in the sink after brushing your teeth twice every day? Swollen or irritated gums that bleed upo9n brushing are far more than just an annoying side effect of brushing too vigorously, but are in fact the first symptom patients often report of gingivitis. Gingivitis is not harmful on its own to teeth and gums, but without proper oral health care the disease can quickly progress to further stages which can cause permanent loss of teeth and even bone. If you are coping with irritated gums, be sure to visit your local Woodside dentist at the oral health experts of Michael J. Weiss and Associates as soon as possible for a gum disease evaluation that could very well save your mouth from harm.

Periodontal Disease Woodside
Periodontal Disease Woodside

Gum disease occurs in many different levels of decay, and as such requires various types of treatment to properly treat your smile. Over 90% of Americans currently live with gum disease every day, and many of us never realize it. Fortunately, gum disease can be prevented and treated easily in its early stages. The most common cause of gum disease is simply poor oral hygiene. Though many of us believe that our teeth can be completely cared for in our own homes, this simply is not the case. Brushing and flossing twice daily is a necessary basis to any oral hygiene routine, but it is not all that teeth need. Hardened deposits of tartar and calcium build up just twenty minutes after snacks and meals. This build-up cannot removed by any type of manual or electronic toothbrush, but requires the attention of a professional hygienist from your trusted dentist in Woodside.

Without treatment, gingivitis can quickly develop into periodontitis. This later stage of gum disease begins with receding gum lines, causing a gap to form between the gums and teeth. This gap eventually exposes the roots of the teeth, and cause loss of teeth and even the bone of your jaws over time. Often times periodontitis can be easily treated with a type of deep cleaning known as root planing and scaling, but more severe cases may require gum therapy from your professional Woodside dentist to repair the spaces that have formed between gum lines and teeth, and even bone surgery for the most severe grades of periodontitis.

The right course of periodontal treatment at your neighborhood dentist in Woodside begins with a gum disease evaluation. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of the Michael J Weiss implements the latest technology in order to examine your mouth to identify the exact stage of periodontitis in order to begin treatment as swiftly as possible. With the help of our team at the offices of Michael J Weis & Associates your smile can be brought back to a picture of perfect health.

Gum Disease Woodside
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