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Cavities are a very common dental ailment, and most of us will have one at some point in our lives. Teeth are very delicate and prone to infection and decay, which is why the proper at-home and in-office cleaning and treatment are incredibly necessary to having a healthy smile. A yearly dental visit, accompanied by biannual dental cleanings, here at Michael J Weiss & Associates can help get you and your smile to where it needs to be. If you are due for a checkup or fear that you may have a cavity that needs filling to prevent further damage and pain, then make an appointment with our Ditmars-Steinway dentist as soon as possible.

Dental Exams Ditmars-Steinway
Dental Exams Ditmars-Steinway

Cavities are extremely common and can be treated with care here at Michael J Weiss & Associates. Cavities form due to the buildup of plaque on the surface of the teeth. Reactions with bacteria present in the mouth can be acidic, causing tooth decay and damage. The decay soon forms a hole in the surface of the tooth, making it easy for food to get stuck or caught, and creating more surface area for harmful bacteria to thrive. These all lead to further decay and possible inflammation of the tooth and gums. This is what makes cavity fillings necessary. Once the hole is filled, further decay and damage is prevented, stopping its progression before it reaches the root or pulp of the tooth, which may then require root canal treatment or removal. Amalgam fillings are common and can be used to fill the area left behind by tooth decay. Other materials can also be used depending on the dentist as well as the patient’s desires. Your Ditmars-Steinway dentist here at Michael J Weiss & Associates are prepared to work with you and provide you with individual treatment and cavity fillings.

An initial examination is required first before proceeding with a dental filling. Sometimes, cavities are identified during regular dental checkups. Cavities can cause little to no symptoms in their early stages, but should still be treated promptly if found in order to prevent serious damage, decay and pain. Our Ditmars-Steinway dentist here at Michael J Weiss & Associates are dedicated to providing you and your family with the comprehensive and gentle care you deserve and need in order to have a healthy smile. Schedule your regular appointments today to prevent cavities or to have one filled.

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