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Maspeth Root Canal Dentist

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Maspeth Root Canal Dentist
Maspeth Root Canal Dentist

When teeth experience a high degree of decay or infection, a root canal is often needed to remove the damaged pulp and save the tooth. Root canal therapy is often a quick, painless and effective way to reverse the infection and ensure that the tooth retains its healthier state. Our Maspeth root canal dentist, Michael J. Weiss, can perform root canal therapy in our offices in just one visit.

When food, bacteria and other substances are trapped in between the tooth and gum, the bacteria can begin to form plaque, which causes tooth decay. Proper brushing and flossing are needed to combat cavities and other decay that can lead to a root canal being necessary. Sometimes there are no symptoms, but often, if you are experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold, tooth pain, or facial swelling, be sure to call our Maspeth root canal dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. Should we find that a root canal is needed to save the tooth, we will schedule an appointment with you for root canal therapy. During the therapy, we will remove the diseased pulp and then clean and seal the area. A root canal can be performed in just one visit and success rates are around 90% or higher. Maintaining proper flossing and brushing procedures after the root canal can help greatly in preventing future tooth decay and possibly more root canal therapy.

A balanced oral health regimen can go a long way in preventing gum disease and periodontal conditions. Our Maspeth root canal dentist will go over any concerns you may have. Our facilities are state of the art and we use only the latest technology for our dental work. We have been providing affordable general and restorative dental care since 1995. Dr. Weiss emphasizes the idea of educating patients on how to prevent oral disease and how to maintain teeth and oral health over the years. A root canal does not need to be a lengthy and painful procedure. We are able to perform root canals in just one visit, so call Michael J. Weiss & Associates today to schedule your appointment.


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