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Have you noticed something more than just toothpaste and saliva in your sink upon brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day? Gum lines which bleed during your oral health care routine are more than just a sign of brushing too vigorously, but are in fact one of the first symptoms of a serious oral health problem known as gum disease. Gum disease, also known as gingivitis and periodontitis in later stages, can have disastrous effects on your smile over time. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need to restore damage and protect your smile from further harm with the experts in periodontics in Woodside Queens at the state of the art practice of Michael J. Weiss & Associates.

For some of us, treating gum disease can be even easier than we may realize. They key to treating this problem effectively begins with visiting your local dentist as soon as possible. Gingivitis is the term used for the initial stages of gum disease. While this illness can cause gum lines to become swollen, irritated, and bleed upon brushing and flossing, gingivitis does

Woodside Dental Implants
Woodside Dental Implants

not cause any permanent harm to your smile. This initial stage can often be treated with regular cleanings from your experts in periodontics in Woodside Queens in order to remove plaque and bacteria which can cause gum disease to spread. Treatment for gum disease varies depending on the exact stage of the illness, of which there are many. When regular cleanings no longer become effective, a specialized type of deep cleaning known as root planing and scaling can work to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria from the spaces between gum lines and the roots of your teeth. In some cases, damage due to gum disease can cause permanent loss of gum lines, teeth, and even the bone of your jaws. Your experts in periodontics in Woodside Queens work to repair the damage through the use of a variety of surgical procedures. Pocket reduction surgery can be utilized to repair damaged gum lines. Soft tissue grafts can also be used to encourage new growth of healthy gum lines. Bone grafts can be utilized to repair the jaw bones and allow for patients who have previously been denied dental implants to receive the smile restoration they deserve.

For the very best in periodontics in Woodside Queens, be sure to visit the experts at the welcoming offices of Michael J. Weiss & Associates. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for nearly 20 years with the latest advancements in oral health care technology and procedure to the strength and beauty of your smile. With periodontal treatments from Michael J. Weiss & Associates, your smile can be restored to a picture of perfect health.

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