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Dental Fillings in Queens

Queens best dentist
Queens best dentist

Dental health is vital, and it is important that you have any issues taken care of immediately. When you begin to notice oral pain, toothaches, or other problems, it is important that you see your dentist immediately. You may very well have a cavity. Though cavities are common, they can quickly progress and cause major dental decay and damage. With the help of our Queens best dentist here at Michael J Weiss & Associates, you can get the dental fillings that you need to treat cavities and stop them in their tracks.

Cavities are common and many people experience at least a cavity or two in their lifetime. Cavities and dental decay was much more widespread in the past, but advances in dental care and dental medicine make it easier to both treat and prevent cavities from affecting your health. Biannual dental visits are highly recommended so as to look out for early signs of decay and to spot cavities that may not exhibit symptoms or haven’t progressed enough to display any symptoms yet. Cavities should be treated right away. The longer cavities go ignored, the more time decay has to set into your tooth and potentially compromise it. Dental fillings can help fill in the area of your tooth lost to decay while also enhancing its function and appearance. Here at Michael J Weiss & Associates our Queens best dentist can offer you several options when it comes to dental fillings, including composite, resin, porcelain and amalgam fillings.

Composite or resin dental fillings are made from a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture, and can be used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth – which is also often the case with porcelain fillings or restorations. Amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of different metals, and may alter the appearance of your teeth. If you need a dental filling, or require a dental filling repair or replacement, call us here at Michael J Weiss & Associates to schedule an appointment with our Queens best dentist.

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