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Toothaches are much more than an annoyance, they are often an indicator of a serious problem happening within your teeth. Whether the pain only happens when you enjoy a hot or cold drink, or it wakes you in the middle of the night in agony, these can by symptoms of a root canal infection occurring deep within the nerves and pulp of your tooth. These infections do not go anyway on their own. They require special treatment from your local Sunnyside dental office at Michael J Weiss & Associates.

Sunnyside Tooth Infections
Sunnyside Tooth Infections

Root canal infections can happen for a whole host of reasons, but they are always caused by bacteria entering the inside of your tooth. In some cases this occurs through a physical injury to the face or jaw, which causes trauma to your oral cavities. If you have received numerous dental procedures to the same area of your mouth, this can cause the area to become sensitive and irritated, making it easy for bacteria to enter the inner workings of your tooth or teeth. However, the most common cause for a root canal infection is simple tooth decay, which occurs from poor dental hygiene. The process of tooth decay wears down the hardened surface of your teeth, causing fissures and openings in your dentin to form. The bacteria which naturally occurs in your mouth then gets inside and causes an infection, which requires root canal therapy from your Sunnyside dental office for proper treatment.

Just because your dental problems put you in pain does not mean your dental procedure will be painful as well. At your trusted Sunnyside dental office our staff are trained experts at providing the level of professional oral health care you need, without the pain you don’t. Our combination of skilled and gentle hands with the best options in local anesthetic make it possible to provide root canal therapy in a manner that keeps you comfortable, and healthy. With root canal therapy our doctors can extract the infected pulp or dentin from within your tooth, insert a topical medication to destroy any remaining microscopic bacteria, and repair the damage with a cosmetic filling to stop the infection from ever returning.

Dr. Michael J Weiss has been proud to serve his local community from his professional Sunnyside dental office for nearly 20 years. His level of experience and dedication to providing personalize care for each of his patients is exactly what you can trust to provide you with root canal therapy to treat your painful root canal infection. With the help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff we can return your smile to a picture of perfect and pain-free health for a beautiful smile you can enjoy once more.

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