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There is nothing that makes Michael J. Weiss D.D.S. more happy then seeing a bright white smile that he had a part in creating. If it was from a young age or helped build build confidence in an aging smile, Micheal J. Weiss & Associates is here to help the five boroughs in whichever way he can.

Here at Micheal J. Weiss & Associates, we not only do a routine oral examination every time your child finds themselves in our office, we teach them how to take better care of their teeth in a fun and comfortable environment. We find it is best to teach youngsters while they are young so they can easily develop a habit of good oral care, rather than waiting until its too late to begin. Our dental hygiene program is designed to help prevent cavities from forming in the future. At the initial visit with our hygienist, oral hygiene instructions are reviewed and are reinforced at subsequent recall visits. Dr. Weiss recommends that each patient be seen at least twice a year for a dental prophylaxis. If your youngsters have run into some trouble and eaten too many sweets without sufficient brushing, we offer fillings that are done has pain free and as comfortable as possible using the latest in dentistry technology and methods.

If your smile is a little older then the dental practice at Micheal J. Weiss, located in Woodside Queens, is the best place you can go for dentures, veneers, teeth whitening, and any cosmetic dentistry you may need. Gaps, chips, and accidents happen, veneers are the perfect way to get any kind of accidental damage looking like it was never there in the first place. Our state of the art bleaching system will make your teeth whiter in easy, at home, applications with outstanding results in just days.

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