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Woodside Queens InvisalignThere are plenty of people today who are unhappy with the way that their smile looks. Not everyone can be born with a perfectly straight smile, but luckily there are plenty of orthodontic options available in order to achieve one. Some people may not consider braces, however, because they associate the treatment with the appearance of noticeable wires and brackets. While this may be true, there are more orthodontic treatments out there – like Invisalign. Here at Michael J Weiss & Associates, we can provide interested patients with Woodside Queens Invisalign, a form of invisible braces that can straighten your smile without anyone ever knowing that you are wearing braces at all!

Invisalign, like other forms of braces, gently move your teeth over time. Invisalign, however, utilizes clear aligner trays that are specifically designed by one of our dentists here at Michael J Weiss & Associates to fit over your teeth. You will have one aligner tray for your top row of teeth and another for your bottom row of teeth. You will be fitted for a new pair of aligners every two weeks or so. Each new pair will be slightly different than the last and will further implement your treatment. There are plenty of benefits to choosing Woodside Queens Invisalign as your chosen method of orthodontic treatment. One of the biggest draws of this option is the fact that they are essentially invisible braces. The aligner trays are clear and are virtually unnoticeable when you are wearing them. Not only are these aligners invisible, but they can be easily removed for more convenient eating and cleaning. You will not have to worry about getting food caught in your brackets or having to vigorously clean between and around your wires and brackets on a daily basis.

If you are looking to achieve a straighter smile, Woodside Queens Invisalign may be the solution for you. In order to find out for sure, you will need to call us here at Michael J Weiss & Associates to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists first. Not only will one of our dentists tell you whether invisible braces are a possible option available to you, but they can get you started on your treatment, too.

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