Woodside Teeth Bleaching

Common causes of tooth stains in Woodside

Woodside teeth bleaching

Woodside teeth bleaching

Many people take advantage of the benefits that our Woodside teeth bleaching offers. Gone are the days when dull, discolored, or stained teeth were just a fact of life you had to learn to deal with. There are several common causes of tooth stains, and if you are aware of what they are, you may be less likely to need bleaching as often in the future. Here at Michael J Weiss & Associates, our goal is to ensure that you can have a smile that you’re proud of.

Typical foods and drinks play a big role in loss of teeth whiteness. Do you drink coffee frequently? That, along with tea, cola, and red wine are major culprits in tooth staining. Berries (and their juice), soy sauce, curries, and even some hard candies also contribute to the problem. And probably at the top of the list when it comes to the things that cause you to need our Woodside teeth bleaching is tobacco use. This means not only smoking, but also smokeless varieties. Even tetracycline and some other prescription medications can alter the color of your teeth. Our Woodside teeth bleaching will reverse those effects and restore your white, bright smile. How does it work? We create custom-made bleaching trays that are designed to fit you perfectly. You do the process in the comfort of your own home. Just wear the traces for a couple of hours at night, as you go about your normal routine. You can look forward to excellent results after just a few days. Your whiter teeth will not last forever, but they will stay that way for a year or possibly a few years, depending on how well you maintain the outcome.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to come in and get started on the whiter teeth that you want and deserve. Our Woodside teeth bleaching is quick, effective, and safe.

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